Thursday, July 30, 2009

What defines an Urban Vinyl toy?

Urban Vinyl Dolls

Urban Vinyl Toy or simple toy?

When we want to define something such as what defines an Urban Vinyl Toy, some times the best way to do it is buy giving lots of small things that define the whole. In most of the cases what makes the difference between a standard doll and a designer toy is the idea of design applied to it.

For example in general lines most urban vinyl toys arUrban Vinyle manufactured under some standard size such as 2" high,5", 8" and 16". Also in general all the Urban Vinyl Toys follow certain design patterns and concepts such as anthropomorphic figures (half human half animal), or Comic, Graffiti styled shapes

Some times Urban vinyl Toys, or Designer toys also can be found in plain white (unpainted) under the concept of DIY (do it yourself piece) Urban doll, and the Urban Vinyl DIYmain idea of this type of Urban Vinyl Toys is that the owner must customize it with colors and shapes.

The rest is about exploring, but trust me after this picture I am sure that you will be able to recognize from far an Urban Vinyl Doll, or Designer doll from any other current doll sold in Toy Stores.

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