Saturday, August 1, 2009

Urban Vinyl Toys Categories - Limited Editions

Urban Vinyl Toys Categories (Part I)

When it comes to Urban Designer dolls, the options in terms of category can be divided in three main groups, which will mainly define the final price of the doll.

Designer Dolls Categories

1. Limited Editions- These group of vinyl toys come in limited editions of 100, 500, 250 or even 50 pieces, with certificate and number of unit. In most of the cases this limited runs belong to famous artists that do not want to break into the massive industry of Urban dolls and prefer to sell their pieces only to those who are really willing to pay for them the price of a not cheap collectible. An example of an artist that works with limited runs is the artist Greg Simkins AKA "Craola". His Walrus Design was released in three different editions, Blue Argyle Walrus (500 units), Orange Argyle Edition (350 units) and the White Argyle Edition (50 Signed units)
Blue Argyle Walrus by CraolaWhite Argyle Walrus by Craola
Orange Edition Argyle Walrus by Craola

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