Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Urban Vinyl Toys producer Kidrobot

Urban+Vinyl Dunny by Shane Jessups (only 1000 units)

Kidrobot, the Creator of the Dunny & Mummy series

As you might imagine Urban Vinyl Toys are the result in most of the cases of a creative mind, or designer that comes out with an idea or concept for the next amazing Urban Vinyl toy and a manufacturer that will make out of that creative conceptualization, a finished Vinyl piece for the collectors.
Urban Vinyl RedRum Dunny by Koziks(500 units)
That's the reason why when we talk about Urban Vinyl Toys, most of the cases we will listen a full description that most of the times will say the name of the piece, the designers Name and finally the manufacturer.

One good example a very popular manufacturer is Kidrobot founded in 2020 by Paul Budnitz with the credit of being the first creator and retailer of limited edition of Urban Vinyl toys.

As a manufacturer Kidrobot has been involved in the production of Urban Vinyl Toys that made a huge mark in the Urban Vinyl inindustry with their well known collections Dunny & Munny figures.

The Dunny editions have been designed by various artists, while the Munny edition came out as a set of Blank Vinyls for personal customization, or DIY (Do It Yourself)

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