Saturday, August 1, 2009

Urban Vinyl Toys Categories (Part II) - Blind Boxes/Chase

Designer Dolls Categories (Part II)

The second category existent in the world of Urban Vinyl Dolls following the limited Edition of Designers toys are..

2. Blind Box/Chase- As their name definesDunny Blind Box Collection - Azteca Series, this Urban Vinyl toys usually come in closed Boxes and the toys usually come 2-3 inches size and they are usually part of a saga o set of 12 or more figures. The main attraction of this sets is to collect them all and one of the beauties of collecting Blind box sets is the thrill after each buying, plus the possibility of getting a "Chase" which is the word to define a very weird or rare piece (the jewel of the blind box set). One of the most popular Blind Box Vinyl set are "The Dunny series" which up to the date have released 5 different series. The good thing about this collectibles is that the price of the Blind boxes usually is way lower (From $4 to $6) than other Urban Vinyl Dolls of course because of the nature of the "Blind Purchase", so this are good candidates for those who are still debating themselves either to get started or not with their Urban Vinyl Dolls Collection.

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