Sunday, August 2, 2009

Urban Vinyl Toys Categories (Part 3) - Customs, DIY, Blanks

Designer Toys Categories (Part III) - Blank Vinyl or DIY (Do it Yourself)

The last category when it comes to categorize urban Vinyl toys are the Customs Vinyl Dolls, also known as DIY (Do it Yourself), or "Blanks"

3. Customs, DIY or Blanks- The main idea of the Customs Vinyl Toys is to let the consumer to contribute in the final result of the doll by customizing it according to it's own style. There are several urban vinyl companies that sell blank vinyl pieces available for customization under the flag "Do it Yourself" which opens an unlimited word of possibilities and designs. This Blank Vinyl pieces can be found in different sizes and shapes, in most of the cases in white color (to make easier the customization). Some of them also come with blind accessories as well.

The Customs Blank Vinyls (DIY) are ideal for those who want to apply their own artistic style to turn a blank DIY Vinyl base into a unique Urban Vinyl Doll. One of the most popular Set of Blank Vinyls (DIY) is the Munny Series (4 series) of Kidrobot.

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