Monday, August 10, 2009

Urban Vinyl Kidpunk By Kid Robot

KidPunk Urban Vinyls by Kidrobot

The Urban Vinyl Kid Punk designed by Kidrobot is their homage to their punk rock roots. The first release of 3 a Figures set each of them a 8-inch size urban figure was then completed with a Secret UK edition recently released in a 300 limited pieces edition World wide.

Theses 4 Urban Vinyl Kidpunk have the same characteristics such as ears pierced, Mohawks, a band tee and its favorite Punk vinyl record from the year tat they represent.

kidpunk by Kid Robot-The JamKidPunk Vinyl Special Secret UK edition ‘77 Edition "The Jam"

The just released KidPunk Vinyl commemorates in a UK Special and Secret Edition the year 1977 with an amazing Urban Vinyl Doll grabbing the Vinyl Album "In the City" by the Jam 1977. This release was limited to 300 pieces, and converted the previous 3 KidPunk set into a quartet. This Great Vinyl Doll, has all the Punk Attitude that we could expect form an Urban Vinyl Doll that will join the forces of the previous KidPunk dolls.

I personally was expecting a Vinyl tribute to The Ramones who I really believe deserves it big time, but maybe it's just a matter of waiting a little bit more.

KidPunk Vinyl the ‘77 Edition
"Sex Pistols"

Of course that the First Punk Tribute piece of the KidPunk edition had to give life to the second greatest Punk Band in History (let me say after the Ramones) which were the Sex Pistols, also around the '77. This Amazing Vinyl Doll comes with all the basics to define a real Punk Rock Style doll.

kidpunk by Kid Robot- Sex pistols

KidPunk Vinyl the ‘80 Edition
"Dead Kennedys"

The second KidPunk Vinyl commemorates the year 1980 with another very cool Urban Vinyl Doll grabbing a Dead Kennedys Vinyl Album. Important to remember that they are one of my Favorites bands ever...

Kidpunk by Kid Robot-Dead Kennedys

KidPunk Vinyl the ‘84 Edition
"Black Flag"

The third KidPunk Vinyl released commemorates the year 1984 with a tribute to the Punk band Black Flag, these one has a very cool Attitude.

kidpunk by Kid Robot-Blackflag

This is all for now about the History of this Amazing Kidrobot design, I personally must say as before that I am still waiting for The Ramones KidPunk to make these set a perfect Urban Vinyl Set.

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