Monday, August 10, 2009

Urban Vinyl Gosho Dolls

Urban Vinyl Gosho Dolls- Traditional Gosho Dolls

Among all the different types of Urban Vinyl Dolls, there is one called the Urban Vinyl "Gosho" Dolls which are a reinterpretation of the Tradition Japanese Gosho Dolls. This type of dolls originate from Japan of the 17th Century (at times of the Imperial Palace in Kyoto during the Edo (1603-1867)) . Some of the most typical characteristics of any Urban Vinyl Gosho doll are their traditional over sized head, chubby body and usually a rope that depending the case can mean several things.

This first adaptation of this Traditional Gosho Dolls into the Urban Vinyl Dolls worlds was through a whole series designed by Tokidoki, that decided to introduce them into the collectors houses by including some personal twists and influences such as Street Art and Japanese Tatoo Patterns

Some of the most Famous Urban Vinyl designers such as Tokidoki, Kozik, Dalek, Craola, Donny Miller, Tara McPherson, Nathan Cabrera, Joe Hahn, Den (FUCT), JC, Plasticgod, etc, have made at least an Urban Vinyl "Gosho" Doll, according to their interpretation of this old and traditional dolls.

Urban Vinyl Gosho Doll by Dalek
Urban Vinyl -Gosho Doll+by Dalek

Urban Vinyl Gosho Doll by TokidokiUrban Vinyl TokiDoki Gosho Doll

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